High-performance technology
for deep-rooted challenges.

Fundamental rail defects, cracks or extreme deviations from the target profile have far-reaching, negative effects on track service life, ride comfort and safety – and are consequently reflected in the service life cycle costs of the tracks and their components. In these cases, appropriate milling technology is recommended in order to efficiently and effectively avoid these consequences. High-performance milling technology with material removal of up to 2.5 mm contributes significantly to the service life of the critical components.

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Our strength lies in silence – especially in the inner-city.

Using our innovative machinery, milling ensures the efficient reprofiling of affected tracks and effectively removes deep-seated cracks – a measure that makes an important contribution to increasing the service life of critically loaded tracks and narrow curves in particular. A further advantage: Due to the minimization of sparks and reduced noise levels, this technology is especially suitable for use in inner-city areas.

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