Our values: The most important points for mutual success.

We are convinced that a company can only be successful if it stands by its values and lives them in its daily interactions. Our values express our attitude and our standards and unite all Autech Rail Australia employees. They are the basis from which we develop the best solutions for our customers every day.

Respect and appreciation.
For people and the environment.

Appreciation is more than just a word for us. For us, it is both an aspiration and a commitment – and it forms the basis of our daily actions. Because only those who value their employees, their business partners, their products and, last but not least, the environment will treat them with the necessary respect. This facet makes a fundamental contribution to maintaining our quality standards, promoting healthy cooperation and upholding sustainable solutions – both today and in the future.

Technical excellence.
A value with sustainable added value.

The rail-bound transport of people and goods continues to make an important contribution to energy-efficient and climate-friendly mobility in the 21st century. And we are an integral part of it. With our market-oriented and sustainable products and services, we strive for technical and qualitative excellence, proving our quality standards anew every day.

Our values guide our work.
And the way we work together.

To fulfil the expectations of our customers ...

  • we agree on clear quality standards and monitor our compliance with these.
  • we continuously improve our processes to optimise our approach.
  • we bring together our different strengths across teams for the best possible solutions.
  • our suppliers and service providers must meet the highest quality, environmental and occupational safety standards.
  • we employ binding supplier agreements.

To advance the performance of our employees ...

  • we continually improve our quality, environmental and safety awareness through targeted training and further education.
  • all employees are involved in the implementation of improvement measures.
  • we pursue a systematic preventive healthcare approach.
  • we ensure that all managers behave in an exemplary manner and that there is a transparent information policy to ensure that the company culture is well and truly lived.
  • we ensure an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, regardless of ethics, religion or country of origin.
  • we promote structured, intelligent and efficient working methods by using strengths and compensating for weaknesses together.
  • we encourage mutual feedback and open dialogue, free from hierarchies.
  • we offer individual solutions to enable a balance between the professional and private lives of our employees.

To reduce our environmental impact ...

  • we work continuously to reduce energy and water consumption, waste generation and pollutant emission.
  • we only work with suppliers and service providers who also act in an environmentally conscious manner.
  • we use technological progress and innovative solutions to minimise the negative effects of our work on the environment.
  • we promote the economical use of valuable raw materials.
  • we are committed to preserving resources and materials for as long as possible.